Nitrogen, Riak, and 1,000 Lines of Erlang

December 5, 2009

UPDATE: See the video of my talk on Nitrogen, Riak, and

Check out, a tool I created that lets you share and control a slide presentation on the web. SlideBlast was built using Nitrogen and Riak, and is an example of exactly how much you can do with the right tools and 1,000 lines of code. (Ok, it’s more like 1,130 lines, but who’s counting?)

The full source code is available on GitHub:

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How it Works

  1. Upload a .pdf or .zip file.
  2. Share a link with your remote audience.
  3. Start presenting. As you flip through slides, your attendees’ slides change, too.


SlideBlast runs on Erlang and uses the following projects:

Why I Built

I built SlideBlast for my talk Nitrogen and Riak by Example, presented at the Erlang User Conference 2009 in Stockholm, Sweden. In the presentation, I briefly cover both Nitrogen and Riak, and then describe some of the techniques used to build SlideBlast. The video should be online soon, check it out.


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