There Be Dragons In That Rabbit Hole

June 23, 2011

The hardest part of coding is having the discipline to stay within the dotted lines. It is too easy–when fixing a bug or adding a feature–to stumble into some other piece of code that must be cleaned up, tweaked, repaired, or rewritten. Or to encounter some friction with your tools that must be streamlined, stat.

Each one of these detours is not merely a bend in the road, it’s a deep, deep rabbit hole. Actually, “rabbit hole” is a bad term for it, because “rabbit hole” implies something cute and cuddly waiting at the end. More than likely, you’ll find dragons that breath fire, burn up your time, and stomp all over your ability to finish what you originally started.

Avoid the rabbit hole, avoid wandering off into unplanned work. Just file an issue and move on.


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