Cross-Language RPC with Erlang

December 4, 2011

Slides to my ErlangDC2011 talk – “Everybody Polyglot!” – are on SlideShare:

** Everybody Polyglot! - Cross-Language RPC with Erlang** View more presentations from Rusty Klophaus

The talk attempts to demystify the mechanics of calling into Erlang from some other language by selecting three approaches to RPC (REST/JSON, Protocol Buffers, and BERT-RPC) and stepping through:

I referenced the following Erlang projects in my talk:

I realized, after giving my talk, that two very important slides accidentally fell off the editing board. I have re-added the missing slides, but am repeating the information below.

The first slide contained a list of other cross-language mechanisms:


Erlang <-> Other Code:

“Fake” Erlang Nodes:

The second slide contained a list of related talks:


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