The Power of X-Driven Development

January 6, 2012

Test-, Behavior-, and Readme-Driven Development are not just about creating one code artifact before another. It’s not simply eating your carrots before your peas, or putting on your shirt before your pants. These methodologies are powerful; they deeply affect the final structure of your code:

There are many different ways to approach a piece of code: Interface Driven Development #1, Interface Driven Development #2, Domain Driven Design, Statecharts, CRC cards, UML Diagrams. The list goes on.

There is no clear *best* approach; the right approach depends on the situation, the existing codebase, the size of a team, familiarity with different tools, and level of discipline.

But if you are writing a program that you intend to sell or deploy in production, I’d argue that the *worst* possible approach is to just sit down and start coding.


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